February dawns.. surgery plus 31 days

Well, there you go. First month of recovery done and dusted.
Its been bloody hard work.  I have no idea if I’m on track, but I know I ain’t dead.
I’ve got sorting my tablets out to less then 15 minutes now…


No mean feat.

Scar is healing well externally. But I am so bruised and battered inside.  Having 55% of a lung out without the joy of micro surgery is a bugger. 
I feel very well in actual fact, the tumour was making me ill and I didn’t know about it, just all the low grade illnesses and random oddities.
Just so very bruised. And swollen.
It took me a few weeks before I was brave enough to actually get the details of what they did to me. Yeah, that explains the pain in my ribs.

Even when I feel like I’ve been dragged through a hedge by a wild horse, I can’t help but think it will get better. The docs have said three months off work.  I guess then I am a third healed. it can only get better. I have to have patience with myself (not my best skill) and not overdo things.

Currently I know that over eating hurts like stink as it ends up squishing up my insides and makes a rattle happen that is not only unnerving, but a very yukky pain too.  So, little and often..

I am hoping to actually go out today. Trying busses (certain amount of trepidation tbh.) Avoiding people bashing in to me as I navigate princes street (I’m not really thinking about that as I can’t imagine how painful that will be….) But to be out will be great.  AND I plan to get to Lush.  To buy my nephews birthday present..honest!

Hmm. This definitely comes under ramblings. I have avoided gory details of the surgery and wounds and stuff as I know it a bit everyone’s cup of tea, and I don’t know if I’m 100% happy with it. It may come out at a later date. I will warn if it does.

So…time to get dressed in something that is not pyjamas, put actual shoes on and do this thing….


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