A few things that make me happy.

I’ve got loads of time on my hands at the moment.

This gives me the unadulterated pleasure of mooching through tonnes of photos.

I have a selection here that make me smile, for various reasons…


Kiz n Kez end of 2014


A favourite dress up party. Moustache got wonkier as the night went on.


A comic relief day in my old office. We knew how to rock a giggle.


On hols in newquay with my mate. A day of raucous humour.. this was taken on an old disposable 24 shot actual camera. Actually had to DEVELOP it!!


I didn’t know this picture was being taken, I think I’m a bit excited..


Rome… Hot and cheesy… But what a great holiday with a great mate.


Holibopaversary. Arran. Beautiful. Husband…Beautiful!


Showing Kez my favourite things in the natural history museum in 2003 I think..


Awh, we are such cute babies. Me and Kiz waaaay back!

Take time to make memories. Take time to remember too.
And now I will go and do stuff.

Have a lovely Monday. Xx


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