Terrific Tuesday.. little things that can cheer you up. And the fact my sister is ace.

I always like to see what the postman brings me.

Today was a fantastic card from my beautiful sister who has a knack of cheering me up to a level she probably doesn’t realise.


The card was ace, but her true knack are the envelopes. Unfortunately I tore it. But it said:
“This envelope has a history of OCD. It went through many countless hours of very expensive therapy in order to face the extreme trauma of being handled by people who may or may not have washed their hands.
And dont even MENTION the licking.
It hopes you appreciate everything it has been through, and all for you.”

Written in purple pen and covered in silver stars.

That is the epitome of anathema to bills.

I’m sure our postie reads them and chuckles.

I may even dig some of the others she has done out.  They are true works of art in their own right…
She is an envelope diva!!!!!

I love my sister. She is bloody ace.


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