Boredom and the fight against brain melt.

Having had 5 weeks where I couldn’t do anything, it has really made me appreciate when I am able to even sit up and write these… but I want to do more.

I have started on a huge project involving a “miniature” model of a dragon.  I will do a report on that once it is coming together more.  Fantastic thing, but I cannot do it on a daily basis.  It is quite huge and needs a lot of brain power and also control of my right arm to do the actual detail painting.  (because of where the scar is, it really mucks up my right arm and I am not allowed to pick up anything heavy..I am also really clumsy with my left arm, but that is getting trained!)

I am still learning what my body can cope with activity wise.  I WANT to do stuff, but brain and body are not on the same page. Still, went out yesterday to post some birthday presents and I was only out for a small time and I was pooped.

I have managed to do a small painting and send that off to someone…waiting for them to receive it before I put pictures up.

I am basically BORED.  and frustrated. bad mix.

I have plans and plans and plans.  I can’t wait until I am back up to strength as there will be almost no stopping me.   But for the moment I just need to keep ploughing on.  Every day bring something new.  For instance, the sneezing.  I have learnt how to cope more and they are not as bad as the first one, but it still has such an effect on my lung.  You take that for granted really don’t you!?  a sneeze is a sneeze…

However, things to look forward to:  Out on Saturday for cake and coffee with my oldest friend.  Next week my second oldest friend (and her Hubby who is my Hubby’s best mate) is finally visiting and will see the house for the first time since I moved up to Scotland. So things to look forward to…. 🙂

I don’t really know the point of this blog… but it keeps my grey matter ticking over!

I may even write better blogs.


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