a modern type of barn raising….

Taken from my facebook page… I love this as a concept… we need to get this done!

Hmm.. thinking. Getting on the housing ladder.
Most people who rent can afford repayments, but have trouble with deposits and all the jazz needed to get a mortgage for a property.

So…Crowd funding: set up a thing where people (friends, strangers, whoever signs up to the site) gives just a fiver. With no actual returns like in a kick starter. You would be registered on the site after giving, so could use it as a recipient of needed. Anyway…
Get enough people (I know it would be a lot of people), you have deposit sorted within a short time.
It’s like, people can afford a fiver at most points in the month so doesn’t cripple anyone financially to give, and you know you will get a lump sum sorted.
This does rely on a social concept of giving with no immediate return. (Possibly just a happy feeling).
As a giver, you could even afford to do it multiple times a year meaning more people could get deposit together, getting more on that important first rung.

I know this is probably doable, not by me as I haven’t the first clue as to how to set it up.

I know it is also probably very naive of me, but I like to think people are nice and would do something altruistic for a potential stranger too.

Ok, that’s my brain for today. enjoy the rest of yours.

1st comment back: Thinking like this can change the world, but it would have to be presented EXACTLY as you have done here. I don’t want to commit two or three pounds a month to a charity that eats 60% of it in red tape and bureaucracy and isn’t even grateful. But a one off payment, to an individual, without tax to make their whole world better. Yep. I’d do that. And the thank you email you’d write to the crowdfounders would be epic, and not at all a pre printed pile of nonsense apparently penned by the tortoise you just sponsored. You are a genius, and the tiny parts of me that are not jaded really hopes you are not naive.

2nd: I love this idea. It’s sort of ideal communism, and proper Big Society living. Genius.

3rd:I love the idea of helping someone /a community I know and would appreciate help . Like xxxx says a big society . . It’s a win win .
Also going back to old values of be nice to someone and it’ll reap rewards …whether it be needing help yourself in the future or just having a glowing feeling from doing a good turn

Seems like a positive feedback (admittedly of a small audience)..

I do love how my brain works late at night with a lot of stress buzzing through it..

If anyone knows how to do this I would be very interested in talking about it!!! 🙂


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