Bloody busy week.

Saw my oldest bestest mate on Saturday and had a fantastic catch up and wander round. Had to miss last couple of opportunities, so over the moon I got to this one.
Munchies and gossip. Awesome. Love her.

In taxi on way home landlord phones to check if we want to still buy the house and mumble about if not we will have our notice served. We do but argh … Ffs… Not in a position to deal with this.
Tell them yes and we will get back to them.
Got home and had a total breakdown on phone to sister. Felt much better after!!! Just had to figure a LOT of stuff out, but had to wait because…..

Had best friends over to stay. High stress hostessing and unable to actually hostess due to this bloody surgery bollocks. Late nights. And I mean late. 3am plus both nights.
Took them to the castle (you have to visit it – you can’t not when in Edinburgh)
Spent 7 hours out of the house and did a lot of walking. And wind burn. it was very, very windy!

They left and hubby went straight into house buying stress mode (understandably).
I learnt about buying a house very intensively. Im lucky, I’ve got great friends who offer great advice.

Kev from work popped round for a meeting on Thursday ..Spent the whole time feeding me rolls and advising me on the house.  Bless him!! (I’m aiming for cake next time).

Friday.. went to see my wonderful chiropractor and show her the scar and see if there is any treatment that can be given round my surgery, as my back is so very painful (been two and a half months since last treatment and I am a seized breeze block of doom) we worked out that bugger all can be done at the moment due to the internal bruising and the actual size of the scars. I’m back to see her soon for xrays and all.
Got a cab home and it was one of my regular drivers who I haven’t seen for ages..all my drivers are asking about me so he was over the moon he had stuff to report back to them. I find I have a very random social circle, but it made me happy they were asking after me.

Then…the meeting with the landlords.  All went well. we are buying the house (in principal).. Just waiting to be invaded by valuers etc.

Saturday, supposed to be going out but was knackered and had to cancel – I just needed to stay in.  I’m not getting a handle on what I can and can’t do very well. I hate letting people down but sometimes you just need to sit down..

Then, ironically, stayed up late (2am …now for me usually 10.30pm and I’m done) building and painting miniature for hubby.


Didn’t pick something easy as my return to the world of painting.

Thought I could kick back for Sunday, but I’m now jittery about all sorts, I’m spinning in my head, it’s been mental. Can’t relax.  So what did I do?? I put another model together…


And took some pictures of my hubbies models for a Facebook group album…



Stupidly I also thought I was ok to do a load of washing. Possibly not the best idea, but I’ve done it now.

I have one thing in the diary for next week and a special Saturday out. hoping desperately to be able to do these.

Then it turns out its my birthday. Where the hell did that pop up from ?????!!

What a week. 

Hmm.. doesn’t sound much reading it back but, seriously, what a week!!

It does worry me that I only have another 5 weeks off work, I need to get back up to speed but don’t know the best way…. Anyway, will figure that out.  Like with everything else, so long as I have time to crash out afterwards, no worries.


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