Happy birthaversary to me/us…

Tomorrow is my birthday…literally the most exciting day in the whole year, shortly followed by Christmas.

I have always been a very birthday centric girly. Usually doing a countdown from Christmas day. if not slightly before…. In my early years, when post it notes first came out, I used to do reminders and pop them all over the house. (My mum still reminds me of this, I think she misses it. I should send her a pack of pre written reminders so she can stick them around herself next year..)

8 years ago, and after 11 years with my fella, I decided to actually share my special day with someone and we got married at London zoo on my birthday in what was the best party I have ever had. (Was a tad over dressed for the birthday, but spot on for the wedding.)


Every year I now wear my wedding tiara, sit in my pj’s and open my presents. I am always so very spoilt and my ripe old age it is something I never take for granted.

It is, however, very strange as I get anniversary cards through at the same time as birthday cards. I get to open them both (hubby really doesn’t mind, he enjoys my excitement surrounding the whole thing) but it’s a constant reminder that I done something that for me was very grown up and shared MY special day.

This may not seem a big deal for most. I have also been told it was a silly day to do it by others (hmm, thanks people. Always love unsolicited negativity.)
But MY birthday is a day when I am legitimately centre of the universe and can have everything I want and can do things I don’t normally get to ask to do.. like funky day trips out and more expensive than normal dinners. you know.

So, on the one hand we can never forget the wedding anniversary, but on the other, I will never have my special day as a solo event ever again.

Upon review, I am actually very happy with the arrangement, I think it has actually enriched the day as hubby SHARES the excitement, he is included in my sparkly bubble of childlike selfishness.  We BOTH get to run around like kids and behave like carefree people, it’s a joy.

I think really he was the best present I could have ever had!



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