Have you ever had the moment of wonder when you peel back the zesty pith on a satsuma? You are the only person to see the inside of this perfectly formed, delicious fruit.
The small joy when you find a small segment growing between two larger ones.
Every last piece of that satsuma is wonderful.

Take a look at the sky at night. Look at those twinkling stars, those long distance balls of nuclear fusing heat and light. The enormity of the Galaxy laid out before your eyes. The way everything spins in place, the order but also the chaos.

Isn’t everything wonderful?



excellent; great; marvelous:

‘We all had a wonderful weekend’


of a sort that causes or arouses wonder;amazing; astonishing:

‘The storm was wonderful to behold’

I do find myself having moments of wonder.

Even picking up a rock on the beach, seeing that it’s cracked and opening it to reveal a surface that would have never been seen by human eyes before. Looking at something that is millions of years old, spewed out by the bowels of the earth.
A rock on a beach can be the key to imagining time, not in terms of days, weeks, lifetimes, generations, decades or even milleniums, but the stupid time that is so very, very vast… Past all history written by people and into history that can only be recorded by landscapes, time that turns bones to stone and stone to diamond.

Take a look around you now. What can you see? That thing there, look at it, look at what it is, how it was made, whether natural or manufactured.. Look at it. Isn’t it amazing?

Satsumas can make you think you know.


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