My Terry Pratchett

We all knew it would happen. This does not make it any easier.
This afternoon has been full of real emotion and a devastating feeling of loss and sorrow.

Honestly, my earliest reading memories are the Secret Seven..then a gap, just can’t really remember. Then I started to nick my sisters discworld books which had been lent to her by a neighbour.

Changed my bloody life.

My first ever book review was Discworld. Just try to describe the library and a colour that doesn’t exist in our world.

I own them all and covet them like treasure. (Do lend out, but do NOT dog ear on pain of pain). The maps, the science books, nanny Oggs cookbook… And my pride and joy:


Signed by the man himself.

This weekend my sister came to stay and our life was dominated by Pratchett references. Me, my mum and my sister ARE the witches. (I’m nanny ogg, what can I say).

I have filled my pinterest with pictures and quotes, I have shared through Twitter and Facebook.


I have technically died before… I need this sign tattooed on me!!

My sister is currently working a ‘can til. can’t’ design.

The screaming monkey thing..hell yeah, I get that. Use it all the time with people.

I have loved the city watch since the first drunk moments in a gutter with Vimes..watched him be angry at the world. Watch him grow.

I have read his non discworld books… Strata for example, seeing the seeds of discworld planted.

Finding Mrs Widdgery’s lodger crop up again.

He made me laugh, he made me cry, he made me see, then see again.

Death of rats… Say no more!

Watching him and Rob trudge through a jungle on a quest for a cranky orangutan.. pure epic awesomeness.

He wasn’t *just* influential for me.

I can’t put it into words.

He is a part of my life. Always will be.

He gave me another world. 

He was a gift to humanity. I know that sounds kind of trite, but he was.

He has done for me what Tolkien has done for so many, but with humour and drama and just a whack of sass.

I have also really appreciated other peoples reactions to the devastating news. I’m not alone in how I feel. He changed and touched so many people.

Thank you Mr P… Thank you.


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