FODMAP… Oh gawd!

Bless the GP’s little socks. I love her. She listens to my fibromyalgia symptoms and takes a harder route without tablets where possible.

Finally someone has taken my IBS seriously and she has tasked me with FODMAP diet.

It cuts out pretty much everything.  I first thought I’d be sitting licking a rice cake, but the more you drill down into it, the more ‘normal’ food I can still eat.

Onions – not on your nelly. BAD BAD BAD
Wheat – out this includes easy to obtain biscuits, can search for special ones, but that’s a lot if work for a biccy!!
Chocolate – out
My fave crisps – out

However …. Potatoes YES!!

Rice is good to go too!

I’m not going to starve and the end results are going to be awesome..I know they are.

And to be honest, it’s not really a ‘diet’ as it is health bettering based. 

I hate doing the diet just to loose weight. It’s so much easier in your head if you can think that life gets better and less painful as a result. I should lose weight as a by product. It’s not the only goal and certainly not the primary goal.

Win / win Innit.

So, I will see you in 5-6 weeks. Hopefully with my intestines in order and being awesomely healthy.

*off to put spuds in oven*


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