A very large nod to a very special someone

I know someone who is very special.

She has hidden strength and amazing fortitude.

She has the ability to create.  Not only artwork and crafty stuff, but she has created amazing children and a safe environment for those wonderful children to bloom in.

This special someone has huge struggles and I know for a fact she gets blown away by the enormity of obstacles put in her way.

And you know what?  Everyday an obstacle is knocked down, progress is made, all the kids and her husband go to bed warm, fed (or attempted to be fed..they are a special bunch..) and they are wrapped up in a blanket of love so thick that the real world can never knock them down.

I admire the strength shown in quite trying circumstances.

I mean, let’s face it, all I have to do is keep myself and an almost 40’s husband alive. That’s a piece of cake.

3 dependants who have specific needs and requirements, juggling all of this…. Wow. I mean really WOW.  It would cripple me the first time a child turned round and flatly refused to eat something that had previously been a mega favourite for example… What’s that all about?

And these days there is also an air of ‘you chose to have kids, what’s your problem?’ But the expectations are huge.

You must have perfect kids. Your work life balance must be immaculate … God forbid you do actually choose to stay home and not return to work (and hell, those child care costs..phewey..) and you must not complain.

Raising kids and being at home: You have no HR department to complain to when one of your team do something ridiculous that derails a well laid down pre agreed plan.  You have no paid holiday, you can’t take sick days properly. It’s a job that you have to do from the soul. It’s a hard job.

I say this as a very definite not mum.

I seriously could not do what this amazing person does.

She is my sister and I have been amazed from the second I held my new born niece 16 Years ago.

16 years on the job and she has done all these amazing things.  Her mum CV is bursting with skill set and ability. Seriously.

I am so proud of how she deals with the unexpected, the demanding, the every day keeping dependant people alive.

So, even in the dark and gloomy days, the days where it feels like its all a big spinning maelstrom of chaos, the battle over breakfast days, all of that, she does it. And she does it bloody well.

So, Kiera, well done you. Well done. You are awesome you are. Bloody amazing. Keep doing it. You’re doing it right you know!!?


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