A long, long week!

I am so very, very tired. It has been such a huge mountain to climb this week and I have got over it. (Hurgh, Innit)

Good Lord though, its been haaaaard.

Even having covered off the essentials while I was out of action at work, there has been so much more to do.


I’ve reduced the backlog, done high powered conference calls, organised the crap out of the place and succeeded in getting to a weekend.

I’m actually quite chuffed and want to blow my own trumpet for a mo.

This week:
*impromptu bbq for difficult guests – check
*dyed my hair – check
*return to work – check
*small wig out at work but got through and all sorted – check
*next stage of buying the house sorted – check
*got diagnostic x-rays of spine and further action plan in place – check
*lost nearly a kilo on the new eating plan (which is quite a bitch of restrictions, but it’s really working as intended..weight loss is an added bonus) – check

Ah, heck. I’m fabulous. Tired, but fabulous.

Just so you know, my weekend plans are thus:
Get up, take tablets, go back to bed.
Wake up about lunch time, eat, tablets, sofa, rubbish tv.
Formula 1.
Paint some stuff.
Rubbish tv.
Sunday, repeat.

This is the weekend of an awesome person.

Hope yours is as good. 😎


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