I admit it. I’m not super woman.

It’s been a hell of a time since going back to work. Not only have I been catching up on the backlog of things that had mounted up over the three months I was out of the office but my hubby and I have been buying the house we currently rent.

I’m supposed to be doing a phased return to work which has meant I’ve been able to take time out of the office, but I’ve been going to meetings about the house. So in reality I’ve actually been doing more than a normal work week. Ironic. Yeah.

I get so full of responsibility in my head that I can’t see the wood for the trees.
I’m in a position where there literally is no one who can cover my work, which is one of the main reasons I got a laptop delivered whilst I was off so I could do the revenue recognition work and make sure some dude in Australia didn’t lose out in his commission (we dont get commission, but that’s by the by..).. anyway, I finally finished the backlog work yesterday and went for what turned out to be a two hour meeting about life insurance.  By the time I got home I was pooped.

I was in agony with my back so took some handy left over from surgery pain killers and toddled off to bed.

Woke up late and basically my body told me in no uncertain terms I was not leaving the house today. I could hardly even stand. Hot sweats and a blood pumping head any time I moved.

Ok. A bit severe but I get the message.

I have taken the day off. I spent the morning asleep.

I admit it. I am not super woman. There is no reason to feel bad about it. I’m not as strong as I thought I was. (Having never had half a lung out, returning to work and trying to buy a house simultaneously, so fair doos)

This is all good.

I am going to spend this whole weekend catching up on sleep and relaxation.

It’s a shame as I’m letting some friends down in social terms. But I’m so lucky they are good friends and get it.

Time for a coffee and then perhaps, another snooze.


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