‘Are you fit for travel?’

Have been back at work about a month now.
Hell of a month. But I’ve done it.

Boss man calls me and the conversation goes thus:

“Hello, how are you?”
“I’m ok, it’s all ticking over.”
“No, not work, how are you?”
“Oh, I would give myself 75%”
“Good. Are you fit for travel?'”

And that is how I find myself sitting in the first class lounge at Edinburgh Waverly, heading to sunny Hatfield (ahaa) to have an over night for a one hour meeting tomorrow.

12 hours round trip for a one hour meeting.

Also, tomorrow’s morning has turned into some fantastic meet and greet where everyone down south is congregating in Hatfield … To see me..
Freak out. Lets all poke the admin, see what she does.

I’ve just broke a nail too. But remembered to pack my nail varnish, so can carry that off. No worries.

The funny thing is, I used to get so very stressed abut travel. Literally to the point of being trapped in my flat in Chingford, getting a cab to work, lift back home and a cab anywhere else.
I have always been slightly better with trains. I think its where you can get up and walk around a bit and are served food.
And thank God I can afford (or on this occasion have work pay for it) first class.

It may make me sound snobby, but the lounge, the leg room, food, limitless coffee and usually no stressed children. Yes, that makes it better for me. First class all the way baby. I really struggle going in normal class. (Did do four hours to Weymouth last year directly after a trip down from Edinburgh, wow, that was hard going. And coffee cost a small fortune).
Just makes such a difference.

I’m sure I’d like first class in a plane too, it’s just the up in the air that would freak me out…

Anyway, I’m filling in my time now before the ‘rush’ to find platform whatever (still too early to tell) and grab my seat M54… PLEASE let it be a single seat .. I don’t want to share my space.

Still, not stressing. Straight line all the way down.  I am a flat pond of serenity. (They also had gluten free crisps, so I’m a little bit chuffed about that too!!)

London, I’m coming to get you. There will be plenty of swearing. 😜


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