Another first class lounge…

Four broken nails. Innumerable bananas and bags of crisps. Hugs from people I would have preferred hand shakes from.
London…sorry, Hatfield. I’m done.

Sitting in the 1st class lounge in Kings Cross today.

Miserable bunch.

I’ve got an hour for my train. Hopefully some of them will go soon so I can get to a power socket.

I can honestly sat this has been too much. But you dont know until you try eh!? I have firmly stated not again. For a video meeting that lasted 40 mins, I can call in next time. Pish.

So, I’m already tired and hungry before I’ve started the homeward leg.

Probably going to sleep on the train, in between bananas obviously.


This was the FODMAP intolerance acceptable meal substitute on the way down. I can hardly wait..


These were the part two meal sub.. sigh.

Get me home. Please.


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