It’s all been a tad busy..

Here I sit. On the cusp of owning the house my hubby and I fell in love with six years ago. Luckily we have also been living in it…
Still, buying a house is quite tricksy.


(It’s strawberry time again!!)

I may have mentioned its been a bit of a year already.  Well, this bit is nearly over!

Which is ace (terribly 90’s but I get like that sometimes).

In the meantime, I have been back to the GP (my fibromyalgia doc, not the one who was looking after my tumour) who is so lovely.  She has sorted out some new pain management for me, which I am getting used to… If I take full dose I get an hour of being ok, then crash for three. So..this is interesting for work and going out, but I can faff with the tablets and get a pretty much full day out of my body and almost cope with the pain…almost….
She has also paid me  a massive compliment by asking my to attend a training session as a mystery diagnosis patient. This makes me stupidly excited and also helps me validate my invisible illness….

At the same time I have confirmation that the DWP have my pip2 forms and I am going to get assessed for my mobility needs.
Huge step for me as I have realised that I am not ‘disabled’ per se but need assistance with my abilities/mobility. (Even though work have been treating me under the disability at work act since last March…this also helped me realise nothing will change if I accept my illness as it is and accept help when offered!)

Last week I had a visit from the parents who basically run me bloody ragged, we did Stirling Castle, Edinburgh castle and Rosslyn chapel.
Cor Blimey I ran out of spoons!!!
Just about recovered from that. So much awesome stuff I saw, but can’t believe I got out done by two old dudes! Hahaha


Beautiful weather all week!!


(Taking 5 on an extinct volcano)

Also did an event at work and walked up Calton Hill…


(That’s me and my guys from work…love my geeks)


All in all, I am ok…. Still taking one thing at a time.

I could totally do with a week off where there is no build up at work for my return, but, hey, beggars can’t be choosers and all that!!!

Have a lovely day y’all. 😀


Twenty minutes difference

Twenty minutes ago, I was in my office swearing fit to bust about everything at anyone who would listen or couldn’t run away quick enough.


Now, I’m sat in a coffee shop having had a lovely chat with a lady in Whittards (always happy buying coffee – even when it’s for someone else) and I’m watching the world go by.

I’m waiting to have a catch up with one of my best friends and hand over some Avon (some kind of bug repellent skin spray… Mega deal!!!) Which in itself has been a mega logistics thing.

Later this afternoon my parents are due to arrive and we have quite a week of fun planned…

Honestly, I am so bad at perspective some times.

I get so bloody stressed at the stupid stuff. I forget how happy I actually am to be alive and to have the chance to be crotchety at small stuff.


So. Thank you lady in Whittards, thank you to my mate for having time, thank you to my parents for wanting to come to my beautiful city and finally thank you colleagues for putting up with my Tasmanian devil attack of swearing.


I will try to remember…

The bench in the woods


I sit on the bench.
I contemplate the quiet.
The dank smell of the forest after rain.
It’s quiet, the moisture dulls sound. Animals haven’t quite resurfaced after the deluge.
A shaft of light breaks through the clouds and pierces the canopy. Warm Sun on my uplifted place.
I am in my tranquil place. Nothing can touch me here.
My breathing slows down.
Under the spread boughs of the tree, I feel the heartbeat of nature. I feel my body respond to the calm.
A sudden squawk and a magpie flusters up, chattering away. But this too is part of the surroundings, not shocking, just there.
I settle back and breathe in to the fullest capacity of my lungs. I let the breath out and it carries all my worries as it is expelled.
I am at peace. I am in my happy place.