The bench in the woods


I sit on the bench.
I contemplate the quiet.
The dank smell of the forest after rain.
It’s quiet, the moisture dulls sound. Animals haven’t quite resurfaced after the deluge.
A shaft of light breaks through the clouds and pierces the canopy. Warm Sun on my uplifted place.
I am in my tranquil place. Nothing can touch me here.
My breathing slows down.
Under the spread boughs of the tree, I feel the heartbeat of nature. I feel my body respond to the calm.
A sudden squawk and a magpie flusters up, chattering away. But this too is part of the surroundings, not shocking, just there.
I settle back and breathe in to the fullest capacity of my lungs. I let the breath out and it carries all my worries as it is expelled.
I am at peace. I am in my happy place.


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