When you have had just a most pleasant holiday.

Eyemouth. Makes you wonder what the hell happened in history here to name it…

Anyway. Dead sweet place. £13 in a cab from Berwick upon Tweed station.

Dinky wee caravan park. Mostly lovely people, but some snobs who have issues with feeding gulls. Anyway.

We had an amazing caravan. Huge. Not the biggest we’ve had on our little jaunts, but very roomy.

I had an en suite. You cannot possibly understand the joy of my own loo. (See other IBS rants).

And I have had my mate Foxley with me. We do this once a year. Uber cheap holibops to somewhere random.

This has been the best short break ever.

We both needed it. Since I left London she has been one of the major things I’ve missed. We know each others brain inside out. She is one of my best friends ever. We actually need face to face contact to make each other tick..

We have now officially decompressed. Ready to head back n face the world.

Made a holiday with such great memories and belly laughs. Seen so many things (serious bucket list ticking going on) Relaxed. No pressure.
Still a HELL of a lot of walking, but do it while your still vertical and all that!!



Wild seal!!!

Thoroughly enjoyable.

May have broken my collar bone again. Will go get that looked at… When I’m home.

And now to sleep, last night away. Going home is a double edge sword.  It’s been great but I need to sleep on my mattress..not something made of clouds and cotton wool. See my hubby!! Time away makes coming home so much fun.

And start saving for the next one….

**edit on Monday am as we lost internet last night so I couldn’t post.
It is now really raining…the sky is crying cos we are leaving.


Fathers day

So. Fathers day.

Happy not mine but I’d die for them day.
Happy I’m a single mum but I have to do the good cop bad cop routine on my own day.
Happy I stuck by them for the sleepless nights, shitty nappies, colic, teething, first day of school, very loud awkward questions in public, the sports days, the awkward phases, the hopeless trying out of hobbies, the dating advice (or totally not as you are not touching boys) the learning to drive, the waving them off to the new grown up lives day.
And hats off to you.

To those who are gone. Grandads and uncles and father figures.

To those who are missing those folk.

It takes nothing to father a child.

It takes everything in the world to let that kid know it means something.

Don’t just be a sperm donor. You can really mess with your kids minds and it blatantly sucks. Do the things that make you a dad. Send a card even. Make the effort.

*at this point I realise I have directed this last bit at someone. Due to the very nature of the post it is hard to not guess who that may be.
My caviat is: your loss mate.

Braving the Shave for Macmillan

Yes. I’m doing it.
Lets gets the page link out of the way pretty early on:

It has caused a range of reactions from people ranging from crazy to brave.

For me it’s something I can do.

I’m never going to be able to run a marathon and raise mega millions, but I can do small things. Often. The race for life, the coffee morning bake off at the office with the awesome raffle thing. Then this.

Inspired by my sister who did it last year. (She was so scared doing it and totally rocked the whole thing). It is a big thing. But a doable thing … A totally doable thing.

I know the actual campaign does upset some people as they see it as disrespectful to those who have to lose their hair due to various treatments.

I am not doing this to cause offence to anyone.

My background to this is that I’ve had a tumour. I’m alive. I’m giving back to an absolutely essential charity.

Also, I need to do this. This part of it I can’t actually explain that well.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a long way of asking for a donation.

All of this is my efforts to raise money and help those that haven’t had such an easy time of it as I have.

Yeah, I’m just babbling now.  I must get a proper handle on this PR malarkey…


Any donation is fabulous and I thank you.

Race for life… Such an amazing thing

I am so very achy today. But it is the ache of acomplishment, pride and a bit of gobsmacked thrown in.

As you probably know, I had a tumour and half a lung removed at the beginning of the year.
This was playing on my mind quite heavily as I had really struggled to do the course last year. I was so very worried I wouldn’t be able to do it at all, or maybe take three hours or something.

This year I was hardly even breaking a sweat. My breathing was normal and I made the course in only 8 minutes more than last year. We were also taking it very easy due to the fact my wound site is still quite sore and my muscles are all screwed up.  As a direct comparison it was great. I am obviously so much better.

I am very chuffed with myself.

I am so proud of my girls too. Love my mates something rotten.  They all rallied round and supported me and it was lovely.

Here are a selection of pictures of the day. (Warning: contains outrageous levels of pink…)




Highest point of climb, still enough energy to smile and laugh!!


Honestly, it was a great atmosphere. Everyone wanted a bit of my headpiece (mnah mnah..do doo do do do) thanks Kizzywiggle!!

The most important bit of the day however:


The people I do it for… The reason I get off my arse and slog round.

It’s a shame I have so many people on the list.  However, it’s due to research that so many more cancers are being detected earlier and treated.

Moments to reflect during the day of people who have been taken too soon.

Was quite emotional.

If you do feel inclined to drop a few quid in, here is a link to my just giving page.

Gives you the background to why I do this.

I’m also going to be shaving my head in October for Macmillan… The fun never end.

Me and my achy self are going to go and have a cuppa and reflect that even though I can barely move today, it really is for a good reason.

*high fives*

And now the fun begins..

Good Lord.

Hurrah! We bought the house. As of Friday we own (read: owe the bank a shed load of money but , you know) the house. Finally.


The easier way of ‘moving’. Waking up in the house on the morning of completion rather than hovering around in a moving van waiting for keys, yeah I can do that. Easy. Cheating? Who knows.. I’ll take it.

So now it’s ours.. we can nail things to the wall, get double glazing finally fitted, go up in to the loft (really quite excited about that..) get rid of the last of the landlords stuff he didn’t want.

We have a 5/10/15 year plan of what we want to do and how we can save for those things.. oh my God. I’m an actual adult.


My hubby, who has been very focussed lately on his 40k and scenery, being out in the garage a lot (head in sand whilst I sort all the admin for the house out). He has returned to the world of the living in a “MORNING HOMEOWNER!!” kind of way.

We have spent two days dismantling and moving wardrobes around, throwing away an awful lot of things I own (“decluttering”) but not much of his…

Got the council coming on Friday to collect a load of junk we have been storing in the garage so his man cave is a step closer to his idea of heaven.

He has suddenly perked up and wants stuff done now. He is so instant gratification.

It’s patience I need. We are in for the long haul.  No point in busting through everything now … Especially due to the bloody lung out five months ago.. still a bit awkward. I forget for a minute and overdo it.  I can’t afford to muck about and damage myself.

Oh, and the fibro… I’ve been flaring for a while (subconscious stress about all of the above and everything) but I ‘ve got a feeling it could still crank up a notch or two so I must be ready for that..

However, ultimately, everything is pretty sweet. 

Apart from the fact we are going to be moving cupboards downstairs tonight. So we can shuffle more stuff around upstairs…. But that’s going to be it for a few days……….. Until he wants to do more. Hahaha.

And we need to clear the piles of junk that have accumulated suddenly due to loss of aforementioned wardrobes and cupboards…

For me, this just points in the direction of a coffee magnum ice cream.


Yeah, I can do that.