And now the fun begins..

Good Lord.

Hurrah! We bought the house. As of Friday we own (read: owe the bank a shed load of money but , you know) the house. Finally.


The easier way of ‘moving’. Waking up in the house on the morning of completion rather than hovering around in a moving van waiting for keys, yeah I can do that. Easy. Cheating? Who knows.. I’ll take it.

So now it’s ours.. we can nail things to the wall, get double glazing finally fitted, go up in to the loft (really quite excited about that..) get rid of the last of the landlords stuff he didn’t want.

We have a 5/10/15 year plan of what we want to do and how we can save for those things.. oh my God. I’m an actual adult.


My hubby, who has been very focussed lately on his 40k and scenery, being out in the garage a lot (head in sand whilst I sort all the admin for the house out). He has returned to the world of the living in a “MORNING HOMEOWNER!!” kind of way.

We have spent two days dismantling and moving wardrobes around, throwing away an awful lot of things I own (“decluttering”) but not much of his…

Got the council coming on Friday to collect a load of junk we have been storing in the garage so his man cave is a step closer to his idea of heaven.

He has suddenly perked up and wants stuff done now. He is so instant gratification.

It’s patience I need. We are in for the long haul.  No point in busting through everything now … Especially due to the bloody lung out five months ago.. still a bit awkward. I forget for a minute and overdo it.  I can’t afford to muck about and damage myself.

Oh, and the fibro… I’ve been flaring for a while (subconscious stress about all of the above and everything) but I ‘ve got a feeling it could still crank up a notch or two so I must be ready for that..

However, ultimately, everything is pretty sweet. 

Apart from the fact we are going to be moving cupboards downstairs tonight. So we can shuffle more stuff around upstairs…. But that’s going to be it for a few days……….. Until he wants to do more. Hahaha.

And we need to clear the piles of junk that have accumulated suddenly due to loss of aforementioned wardrobes and cupboards…

For me, this just points in the direction of a coffee magnum ice cream.


Yeah, I can do that.


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