Race for life… Such an amazing thing

I am so very achy today. But it is the ache of acomplishment, pride and a bit of gobsmacked thrown in.

As you probably know, I had a tumour and half a lung removed at the beginning of the year.
This was playing on my mind quite heavily as I had really struggled to do the course last year. I was so very worried I wouldn’t be able to do it at all, or maybe take three hours or something.

This year I was hardly even breaking a sweat. My breathing was normal and I made the course in only 8 minutes more than last year. We were also taking it very easy due to the fact my wound site is still quite sore and my muscles are all screwed up.  As a direct comparison it was great. I am obviously so much better.

I am very chuffed with myself.

I am so proud of my girls too. Love my mates something rotten.  They all rallied round and supported me and it was lovely.

Here are a selection of pictures of the day. (Warning: contains outrageous levels of pink…)




Highest point of climb, still enough energy to smile and laugh!!


Honestly, it was a great atmosphere. Everyone wanted a bit of my headpiece (mnah mnah..do doo do do do) thanks Kizzywiggle!!

The most important bit of the day however:


The people I do it for… The reason I get off my arse and slog round.

It’s a shame I have so many people on the list.  However, it’s due to research that so many more cancers are being detected earlier and treated.

Moments to reflect during the day of people who have been taken too soon.

Was quite emotional.

If you do feel inclined to drop a few quid in, here is a link to my just giving page.

Gives you the background to why I do this.

I’m also going to be shaving my head in October for Macmillan… The fun never end.

Me and my achy self are going to go and have a cuppa and reflect that even though I can barely move today, it really is for a good reason.

*high fives*


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