Braving the Shave for Macmillan

Yes. I’m doing it.
Lets gets the page link out of the way pretty early on:

It has caused a range of reactions from people ranging from crazy to brave.

For me it’s something I can do.

I’m never going to be able to run a marathon and raise mega millions, but I can do small things. Often. The race for life, the coffee morning bake off at the office with the awesome raffle thing. Then this.

Inspired by my sister who did it last year. (She was so scared doing it and totally rocked the whole thing). It is a big thing. But a doable thing … A totally doable thing.

I know the actual campaign does upset some people as they see it as disrespectful to those who have to lose their hair due to various treatments.

I am not doing this to cause offence to anyone.

My background to this is that I’ve had a tumour. I’m alive. I’m giving back to an absolutely essential charity.

Also, I need to do this. This part of it I can’t actually explain that well.

Anyway, it’s a bit of a long way of asking for a donation.

All of this is my efforts to raise money and help those that haven’t had such an easy time of it as I have.

Yeah, I’m just babbling now.  I must get a proper handle on this PR malarkey…


Any donation is fabulous and I thank you.


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