Fathers day

So. Fathers day.

Happy not mine but I’d die for them day.
Happy I’m a single mum but I have to do the good cop bad cop routine on my own day.
Happy I stuck by them for the sleepless nights, shitty nappies, colic, teething, first day of school, very loud awkward questions in public, the sports days, the awkward phases, the hopeless trying out of hobbies, the dating advice (or totally not as you are not touching boys) the learning to drive, the waving them off to the new grown up lives day.
And hats off to you.

To those who are gone. Grandads and uncles and father figures.

To those who are missing those folk.

It takes nothing to father a child.

It takes everything in the world to let that kid know it means something.

Don’t just be a sperm donor. You can really mess with your kids minds and it blatantly sucks. Do the things that make you a dad. Send a card even. Make the effort.

*at this point I realise I have directed this last bit at someone. Due to the very nature of the post it is hard to not guess who that may be.
My caviat is: your loss mate.


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