When you have had just a most pleasant holiday.

Eyemouth. Makes you wonder what the hell happened in history here to name it…

Anyway. Dead sweet place. £13 in a cab from Berwick upon Tweed station.

Dinky wee caravan park. Mostly lovely people, but some snobs who have issues with feeding gulls. Anyway.

We had an amazing caravan. Huge. Not the biggest we’ve had on our little jaunts, but very roomy.

I had an en suite. You cannot possibly understand the joy of my own loo. (See other IBS rants).

And I have had my mate Foxley with me. We do this once a year. Uber cheap holibops to somewhere random.

This has been the best short break ever.

We both needed it. Since I left London she has been one of the major things I’ve missed. We know each others brain inside out. She is one of my best friends ever. We actually need face to face contact to make each other tick..

We have now officially decompressed. Ready to head back n face the world.

Made a holiday with such great memories and belly laughs. Seen so many things (serious bucket list ticking going on) Relaxed. No pressure.
Still a HELL of a lot of walking, but do it while your still vertical and all that!!



Wild seal!!!

Thoroughly enjoyable.

May have broken my collar bone again. Will go get that looked at… When I’m home.

And now to sleep, last night away. Going home is a double edge sword.  It’s been great but I need to sleep on my mattress..not something made of clouds and cotton wool. See my hubby!! Time away makes coming home so much fun.

And start saving for the next one….

**edit on Monday am as we lost internet last night so I couldn’t post.
It is now really raining…the sky is crying cos we are leaving.


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