Housewarming BBQ. Oh yeah, awesome!

Finally had the house warming BBQ I had been promising the girls for ages.

It was really good. Full of food and fun.



I slept through Sunday, pretty much.  Working from home on Monday as I am still recovering.

Wow, I knackered my self right out!!  Admittedly, it was a long day preparing the food and hosting as well as keeping two BBQ things alight and making sure I didn’t salmonella people, but two days to get over it is a bit extreme.

Hey, Fibromyalgia…this is getting less funny.  Thank god I have the opportunity to work from home.

I have also been tinkering around the house, filling the gaps in the bedroom floor, painting a mural in the bathroom, generally being stressed about things.

I mean to be honest, I should do less, but its really hard. I dont know how to.

What is lovely is that the sun has decided to come out for a while.  Streaming in through my new windows, ah! its lovely!!


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