It’s a thank you and a recommendation…

My beautiful and wonderous sister treated me to a massage.

Such a simple statement. But let me expand slightly.

My fibromyalgia makes it damn near impossible to get anything even close to a back massage.  (Tried it for a while through my chiropractor and whilst it was lovely having it done, I could barely move afterwards..bruising, muscle seizure and such horrible pain.)

I have been somewhat stressed of late, the last six months being, in all honesty, a right fucking mare.. culminating in the quick trip to hospital for the “not clots” episode.

Work’s a bitch, home life is frantic and buying the house has all sorts of mental repercussions.

Basically, I was frazzled.

I was chatting away to aforementioned lovely sister about wanting to get away from it all for a while and do pampering. We came to the conclusion that money and logistics were against me, but what a lovely idea.

I get a random text from her after we talk saying:
“Do you trust me?”
Well, yes….
Not to cut my hair etc…
“Can I have your bank details?”
Ok… A thousand thoughts cross my mind… But she’s my sister and this is intriguing…
Send them over…

“Check your bank”


Ok, so I did burst into tears a lot… I called her and was still quite blubby.

She had called the Lush Spa in Edinburgh and gone through all the treatments to find one that would work for me.

She had bought me “the spell’

I can’t tell you what this one act of kindness did to me. Having booked it up, having the day to look forward to…Oh, I can’t tell you!!!

So, it mainly concentrates on your feet (which is great, they don’t hurt much) and its based kind of, on reflexology.  There are parts where your head is massaged (cue VERY big hair at the end of it) and it is all done to a wonderful bespoke soundtrack.
Before it begins, you are asked to write down a concern or issue, it gets put into a copper kettle, set on fire and disappears… The whole thing is about taking a step to move on.  Like how perfect can something be for me???

Anyway, as the guy finishes I take the deepest breath I have taken in six months, the pain has gone from the lower levels…I take another deep breath.
Oh my God..I can actually fully breathe!

I had not realised how much tension I was carrying round. How shallow my breathing had been. How afraid of the pain I had become and the lengths I had gone to to avoid it.

I could bloody breathe.

And you known what, I can still do it today.

Yes, I still have pain at the very fullest extent of my lung capacity, but I’m not expecting miracles here.

I even had a fantastic nights sleep.

I do highly recommend the Lush Spa. The treatments may not be for everyone, it’s not a regular day spa experience… But they do go in for some ace holistic approach treatments.


I also highly recommend having my sister.  She is such a thoughtful, kind, generous person. She has a bucket load on her own plate, but she stepped out and done a surprise (cos I would have said no if she’d asked..) that has had such a surprising outcome.

Anyway, I’m gonna go and breathe some more…

Thanks Kizzywiggle, you are properly awesome you are!!!

Awh!!!! Sisters!!

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