I’m on a train again…

This is 10000% better than my last train journey. For one thing I’m going to go and have some fun with the old family rather than be herded into small offices.

I have had good coffee, Orange juice, bacon… And we haven’t got past the first stop.

I have had to swap seats or be trapped at the window… No biggy.

Got to say, the scenery cutting over to Carlisle is gorgeous… Properly undulating hills, mix of rounded and pointy forest (native species and the forrestry commission fast grow pines) and I swear I saw an erratic drumlin!!

I am trying to get pictures but I’m on a pendalino, going quite fast and scenery is whizzing…

Comfy ride.  Nice staff.

Proper Virgin train service this.  No crisps and bananas for me today!!




The landscape there is allegedly wind farms…. They are in there somewhere.


And an awesome cloud form.

Right.  I’m off to stare outside a bit more.

I think I will blog my family over the weekend. Need to get decent Piccies!!

Have an awesome day.

DEPARTED Edinburgh at 10.51am through to Birmingham New Street. ETA 15.05
Overhead line issues and a train breakdown on points at Crewe. Eventually on the move and then train terminated at Stafford. Train was supposed to take me through to new street but then terminated at Wolverhampton. (The staff at Wolverhampton were superb by the way, I had a bit of a travel anxiety attack and broke down on the guy who was on the customer service desk )
I eventually got a train to arrive at Birmingham New street at 5.40pm as opposed to initial arrival eta of 3.05pm.

Was a nightmare!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!
But weekend was AWESOME


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