Gosh! Another train

Let’s pray to the various gods of travel that this train keeps to its timetable.

I just want to enjoy the journey, eat my complimentary food, quaff on my complimentary coffee and watch the beautiful British countryside roll past.

I have had a great weekend after arrival. Except perhaps the ‘big family dinner step brothers 40th birthday celebration’ which was just as fraught as an arachnaphobe in a bucket of spiders. But I will breeze over that and focus on the awesome time I did have.

I have been looked after like a queen.

My aunty duties have been carried out to the best of my abilities and I was covered in cuddles and snogs. (Even the youngest… we haven’t had much face to face contact but speak on the phone and he knows me as a name on cards on presents. Well, I was allowed into his life pretty much 100% from the second he saw me. Phew. Makes me extremely happy. And my perfect grumpy 16 was actually open in conversation with me. I have magic powers, must have).

Spending ‘quality time’ with my sister was great. We got to flump on the sofa and crochet, watch the boys doing scooter grand prix out the front of the house, eat some amazing food (she does the BEST fry up and mince and tatties ever!) Also just being there to give her a mental prop up with everything that goes on in the house. Her kids are hurricanes on legs. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Anyway… On the train, the sun has come out. Must be a sign.


Aren’t they FABULOUS!!!?? (I will try next time to get a picture with dad in too… He was hiding behind the door for most of this)


Sun trying first thing this morning to poke through clouds.


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