I thought I had nothing to say..

Rambling brain.

That’s my major problem.

I thought “I should really do a blog, haven’t in a while”.. didn’t think I’ve got much to say

I could moan about work, but that’s REALLY DULL, even for me. Even though I actually know something major before anyone else, gotta keep that secret.

Could talk about my non event weekend…. But then I thought “hey, this weekend, you got your sponsorship for brave the shave £40 off target!”

And you know what, THAT *is* something to talk about. So I’m gonna!!

Kristen’s brave the shave page

As anyone who has read any of my previous medical type blogs knows, I’ve had a bit of a run in with a kind of rare form of tumour. I am lucky in that it was operable and removed in one go..along with half a lung I wasn’t really using (as it was busy incubating said tumour).

Also, mum had breast cancer diagnosed at the start of 2014 and we watched her go through op and radiotherapy.

My mate lost her mum late 2014 (only a few weeks prior to my diagnosis) and another mates dad is pretty damn poorly. Someone who is very dear to me is in and out of hospice care as we speak and one of the dearest people is fighting hard against side effects of treatment.

All in, cancer has really fucked about with people I care about.

I do the race for life every year and as long as I can walk, I will do it.  People maybe won’t understand why it’s so hard for me, but see my previous blog about spoons for that.  It is a challenge I relish as it is something I can do to help and raise cash for research.

Shaving my head, well it opens all sorts of cans of worms..

Firstly, I don’t want it to be seen as disrespectful.  I have a choice to be doing this and I know an awful lot of people who have chemo get no choice. I am trying to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Not take the piss.

Secondly, I was so lucky in the fact I needed no follow up treatment and was declared cancer free a month after my op. I really do appreciate what could have happened.

Thirdly, I want to do this. It is something I can do, that is actually pretty scary.
I am quite vain when it comes down to it. My hair is something that helps define me. I’m constantly changing its colour and it signals my mood to people.
By shaving it off on the anniversary of my diagnosis, I am closing a loop and signalling to people that something has changed.

I am mentally going to be different afterwards. Physically would have changed, obviously, but mentally will be crossing a line..

I may have lost the point somewhere there. Bear with me..it may come back.

Anyway.. the original point is that I was quite a way from my target of £500.
I was a bit mardy about it. I would still have done it, don’t get me wrong, but I consider this a BIG thing and would like that to be recognised with a matching donations total.

Well, in steps my sister, my husband and friends of friends.

With a little but if social media magic, I have got donations piling in through the weekend.  From people I don’t know and everything.

I can understand people getting charity fatigued, and it feels like I am constantly after something. But until we beat cancers arse right out of being awful and into being treatable/preventable, I will continue to ask, and still, people gave. It made me emotional.

Then my sister said she would come up and do it with me.

Such a huge thing for me.

I know my family felt so powerless last year for me and this is something that can be done and supported.  I am totally looking forward to it (and not just cos she said she will treat me to an afternoon tea!!!)

So, from having nothing much to say, it turns out I have a little to say.

And it’s this: thank you.
Thank you each and every person. For each single pound. Every one of you from day one to today and beyond.

Sometimes, people are just bloody ace.