Unsolicited nasties.

Today my sister, one of her friends and I were enjoying a chat on Twitter when, out of nowhere, *splat* a dick pick and some smutty comments.

That’s not very nice is it?

Commence some shouting, report and block.

Not more than half an hour later, the EXACT same picture from a different account.


Once is just nasty, twice is what I consider to be a directed attack.
It has caused locking down of accounts and some serious safety online concern issues.

My questions are these:

Why, if a flasher in a park can be pulled up by the police, is it considered less of an offence when it’s done online?

Why is it the victim who has to take steps to prevent future issues?

Why has this got similar theming to a lot of other women based attack problems?

So, admittedly we were all having a giggle about Willy socks. But this does not give anyone a right to splat us with a dick pick. We had thought ‘oh, maybe if we hadn’t done that it wouldn’t have happened’…NO!!! That’s exactly the same as people saying she was dressed provocatively, she got what was coming to her.

How can we get to a state of affairs on the internet where you can just not have genitals or porn in your face unless you want it???

I get that Twitter is huge. But support need to react to things like this!! They can get ip addresses and stuff and totally ban users, different account or not.

It should not be acceptable that people think it is ok to behave like this.

And for those of you thinking ‘oh, it’s just a dick pic, what’s the big deal’, well, fine, that’s what you think, but its scary. Scary to know people think it’s ok to do.
I’m not a prude by any stretch, but where has the decency gone???

Please, bring back some manners and decency to the world.

Let people who want to look at stuff like that go ahead and do it, but leave unsolicited porn out of it.

I am seriously aggrieved about this.

I am formulating better words and I will come back to this.


And there’s more…

Let me just list a few things:

*cancer and half a lung removed
*cycst in my vocal chords..biopsy but they want to leave in place..(because of this, I sound like a 14 year old boy with yo yo balls.)

These are the main things that I have to deal with or have dealt with in the last 12 months. Enough for most people wouldn’t you think??


My doctors obviously love me and want to see me more because they phoned me the other day with results from my glucose tolerance test to advise me I am now type 2 diabetic as well.

For fucks sake. REALLY!!!????

I mean, I know I’m not healthy (see above. My general health is fairly shocking) but I have been watching my diet for years since I had my gallbladder removed, I have also been on a FODMAP diet structure since April 2015 to sort out what my IBS doesn’t like.


Now I have to cut out sugar and stuff. And I won’t know properly until I get to my appointment which is still two weeks away as the doc is currently on holiday.

Argh. just really argh.

So. looking on the bright side….

The docs will give me  proper eating plan. I don’t have to inject insulin (even though my insulin cannot cope with my blood sugar levels) and I may be able to lose enough weight to do the exercise they want me to.
(Now, please don’t visualise a massive whale, I am at a BMI which calls me obese, but you wouldn’t know to look at me which is really hilarious..anyway, I digress)


fibro makes it really difficult to exercise without a lot of issues in the days after. So hoping the docs can advise on this!!!

You never know, I may be able to just be dreadfully ill rather than really fucking broken.


Looking forward to it right?? Oh yes!!

Thank God there are no injections… I had to do a months worth when I came home from surgery for anti DVT blood clots and it was so very painful…


What a week it’s been!

my brave the shave page

So it’s been and gone. I’ve done it. My head is a platform for fuzzy felts.
Raised a LOT of cash!!



That’s my gang after both my sister and my head have been baldyfied.

Has been very emotional. Having survived cancer and Not having had to go through the rigours of chemo, I did this to raise money for support of those that don’t have a choice.
Losing your hair is a very strange thing. It’s stripped a part of my identity, my femininity. It’s very odd to get used to.

To commemorate the day (it was the anniversary of my tumour diagnosis) me and Kizzywiggle went off and got tattoos.
Deadpool is my spirit animal. It was designed by Kiz, as are most of my inkworks, and has many layers of meaning..but most of all, it’s awesome!!


(Not quite clean and readable as I bleed a lot so scabs are profuse, when clean it will be sparkling!)

Then to cap off quite a week, I went to a Halloween party (haven’t been to one since I was six or something, was stupidly excited).
What do you go as when you have a bald head?? Only one answer really…


Chance of a lifetime. Hours of doing my face. Worth it!

Wow. It’s been busy.

Then, my fybro jumps in. It’s been feeling left out.  I was standing for hours at the party, I had a fabulous time, but now I pay the price. 

But, regardless it’s been such a fantastic week.

Now this week goes along the lines of doctors appointments, chiro appointments, busy at work and hubby away for a managers get together.

One foot in front of the other time!!


“Remember that you are still alive.”