What a week it’s been!

my brave the shave page

So it’s been and gone. I’ve done it. My head is a platform for fuzzy felts.
Raised a LOT of cash!!



That’s my gang after both my sister and my head have been baldyfied.

Has been very emotional. Having survived cancer and Not having had to go through the rigours of chemo, I did this to raise money for support of those that don’t have a choice.
Losing your hair is a very strange thing. It’s stripped a part of my identity, my femininity. It’s very odd to get used to.

To commemorate the day (it was the anniversary of my tumour diagnosis) me and Kizzywiggle went off and got tattoos.
Deadpool is my spirit animal. It was designed by Kiz, as are most of my inkworks, and has many layers of meaning..but most of all, it’s awesome!!


(Not quite clean and readable as I bleed a lot so scabs are profuse, when clean it will be sparkling!)

Then to cap off quite a week, I went to a Halloween party (haven’t been to one since I was six or something, was stupidly excited).
What do you go as when you have a bald head?? Only one answer really…


Chance of a lifetime. Hours of doing my face. Worth it!

Wow. It’s been busy.

Then, my fybro jumps in. It’s been feeling left out.  I was standing for hours at the party, I had a fabulous time, but now I pay the price. 

But, regardless it’s been such a fantastic week.

Now this week goes along the lines of doctors appointments, chiro appointments, busy at work and hubby away for a managers get together.

One foot in front of the other time!!


“Remember that you are still alive.”


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