Shortest day, longest night. Always reminds me of Nanny Ogg

Tonight is the longest night.

I wish that meant I would get more sleep.

Never mind.

Life ruled by tablet schedule means uninterrupted lay ins are  a long distant memory. plus I have to get up and work tomorrow. (Can avoid city centre festive madness which is a blessing..May pop into Lush to get myself a few thing though).

I get the feeling I may be kept up as hubby is off to see star wars later and he will come home and relive it frame by frame, detail by minute detail… I can feel the spoilers in the force already.

Looking forward to Xmas though, presents are stacking up under the tree…another reminder I am totally adored and spoiled by everyone.
Just waiting for parcels to be delivered to add to the haul. The very important family boxes!

So, I am done and dusted prepping for the festivities. Literally just waiting now.

And tomorrow the sun starts it’s return. I am looking forward to light mornings. Woo!!!


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