Expectations of 2016

Its that time of year when (after stuffing faces silly and going through massive present giving anxiety) thoughts turn to the inevitable ‘new year, new you’ crap.

My my. what a loaded pile of expectation.

Right. Lets set ourselves up for massive sadness by just the end of January…
Must do Weight loss, unrealistic goals, disappointment abound.

I am not setting resolutions this year.  I just want a few simple things.

1) to stay alive and not have anymore medical stuff happen.
2) to be able to leave the house with little or no anxiety
3) start swimming so I can lose the medically advised mountain of flab
(Seriously 42kg…Sheesh!!)

This is not dependant on a clock chiming and an invented calendar turning a page. this is about me generally progressing. Every day a new step. That’s doable. No failure for me.

Plus I really want to beat my anxieties.. they are starting to bother me outrageously….

So, good luck to you all who join the gym, give up smoking and all that malarkey, I really hope it works for you.

But don’t do it because it’s new year, do it because you want to.


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