I’m actually feeling better!

I don’t know whether it’s the additional tablets my G.P. have given me or the fact I am walking with a stick which is taking weight out of my pelvis, but I am actually feeling better.

My pain had been sneaking up. My ten had transformed into a fifteen, which I had to absorb to become my new ten. Lots of pain. mind numbing pain.

Whatever it is, it has worked. It may be my fibro flare is finally receding. I don’t know… and I don’t care. everything seems to be coming together.

Less pain makes a world of difference. Just being able to want to do anything is fabulous.

I sat and done a painting. Not a sketch on my phone, but a real sitting at the table paints and brushes  painting..


As the first one I’ve done in ages, I’m dead chuffed to be honest.
(Acrylic on board)

So, having done the gentle work in the garden yesterday, I’m resting up today. Just because I’m feeling better is not the sign to start galavanting around. I need to build up slowly. No point over doing it and ending up worse than I was!

Anyway, having a good day. Thought I’d share rather than moaning all the time.

Hugs all round!


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