Just catching up..

Hello all, It has been a while since I have written.

Lots going on at the moment.

Got made redundant for about ten hours and then got hired on by the department I was originally hired by, been doing all that work during my time at facilities anyway, so continuity there.  Bit bonkers in all honesty.

In brighter news, I am currently obsessed by pom poms.  Literally obsessed.  They get made and multiply without me being aware of doing them.

I need to buy wool now… wool by the sheep load!  I have a project  on the go which I want to finish ASAP.

We have recently cleared out the garage…step one to getting his man cave up and running.  The nicest thing about my current work situation is that we are looking at getting a lot of things free from the old building.  I have secured for him: sofas, gaming tables, shelving, cupboards, white board, nick nacks of all sorts.  It almost becomes a man cave after one van load of gubbins.

We have insulation to attach to the ceiling, and I am going to learn how to plaster so I can cover the wall that has pebble dash on  it.  Few more things (like finding an electrician to rewire the garage) and it will be a little place almost fit for him to move into he he he.

So that will be him happy.


I am busy. I am also feeling better than I have in months.  Seriously, my last flare shook me up substantially.  I now use a walking stick which is taking the strain out of my pelvis.. you would not believe what a difference it makes!  Also, doc has me on new tablets which seem to be working.

I have gone caffeine free (mostly) during all of this and so far have not killed anyone.  I think I have done that very well.

I have put my first successful post on Freecycle..getting rid of some craft stuff I just can’t use.  Wow.. when you get a post that is exciting, you have to fend off people left right and centre!  Never felt so popular! 

Anyway…I am now sitting at my new home desk area (not quite finished..need things from the office when we “move”) and it is great.

New start coming.

Feel the happy almost daring to show!!


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