This an incredibly exciting thing!!

Are you into the arts? Bit of cabaret? Ever fancied getting up on stage and having a bloody great sing?

Well, I am, I’d love to. Unfortunately due to weird random things growing on my vocal chords I can’t.
But I tell you who can.
Yes, Sharron Matthews.
Check out her link below and it tells you everything you need to know.

Sharron Matthews cabaret Superstar

Now, I’m not affiliated in *Any* way and I don’t get a benefit from this, apart from knowing the Sharron gets to do something amazing.
And when this is done, the potential for her to do even more astounding things is also there.

(Like, I would lover for her to be able to come back to Europe, but it’s bloody expensive…)

So, if you have a few quid/dollars/funny shaped stones with holes in to spare, this is a great cause and will spread the joys and skills (she does workshops too you know.. getting the youth into the stage and performance)…

Plus, she is awesome, witty and pretty fierce.

Background (just because it helps right?)
You may know I have a gazillion issues and anxiety is one of them. Well, I met Sharron very randomly at the Edinburgh fringe festival a few years back and went to her show and it was knock out. I went back the next year, on my own. On the bus and everything. Because, when she sings, she sings how I want to sing. she makes a noise that makes you happy.
I sat in the venue and I had no problems. for the hour of that show, I was transported. It was honestly amazing. If someone else can experience anything close to that escape, I’m an advocate!!!

Now, I haven’t know her forever, or am a close personal associate or anything, but I bought her album and it rocks. She rocks. She’s truly a nice person. (Nice how I like nice.. is down to earth and honest and swears a good amount)  and you don’t get that much these days. And she is talented.
And wants to share that with people.

So I’m sharing this with you. I would very much like it if you are able to help, but if not, can you reblog/retweet, whatever and spread the word round a bit. I’d appreciate that.

Oh, I am her self appointed official European stalker (because every super star needs one, OK), but due to the fact I have issues and really can’t fly, to stalk her properly, I would need her to visit me. ironic much????!!!…. Hahaha.



Me and Sharron last time she did the Fringe.


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