Fathers day…a tale of mixed emotions: happy fathers day Mum.

Usually on fathers day I will write some words about those who stick around and be actual dads to kids when the sperm donor has done a bunk, that kind of thing.

I have had that kind of stable role model in my life since I was weeny.. he is my godfather and he had always been a ‘force for good’. We are very alike. I’ve always attributed it to absorbed genetics. (It’s a thing, trust me*) I even have a tattoo dedicated to him.
Then the rotten bastard goes and insults my new cat, on facebook, in front of everyone.

Now, you may have noticed, I have a new cat.  May not be interesting to some, but for me it’s MASSIVE. 

I have a soul in the house that I’m responsible for keeping alive, she keeps me company when hubby is out, she is everything I’ve needed for years. Just her very presence is changing my life. And we are changing hers. It really matters a great deal.

Yes. It’s a big Fucking deal.

And this man, this bastion of stability, my faux pa, a psychologist no less, who really should get why it’s a big Fucking deal, tells me to stop posting pictures of my cat, he’d rather see the ginger ladies my husband posts. (Which are all very tasteful if not a tad Shirley Manson based and repetitive..a man needs a hobby, eh).

I was shocked.

I was hurt.

How Fucking dare he.

So, I haven’t stopped, it’s my  wall, it’s my cat, it’s my pictures. I just filter so he can’t see them. He loses out. Love me, love my cat.

Just another father figure who turns out to be a shit bag… two for two.

But… I’ve done this well so far with a mum who done the work of two parents on her own. If there is anyone who deserves a happy fathers day, it’s her. 

She doesn’t like mothers day: “it should be mothers day every day” is her mantra, and I get that. So, happy fathers day mum. Cheers for the cat too, you have helped my life change for the better in so many ways.



*no basis in science whatsoever, but I see it all over the place, so anecdotal, but still true…ish…


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