Edinburgh Coffee Festival 2016

I had my tickets booked for this as soon as I could.

Went last year when it was held in the Mansfield Traquir, which is a gorgeous venue:

But quite small and it got very packed and very hot. Still was amazing and I was looking forward to it this year in a new venue.

Fascinating place with some great history.

The spaces used were great. Plenty of room for exhibitors and people alike. Didn’t feel in anyway claustrophobic. We had a great chance to Potter around early doors

Started off with a really zingy Ethiopian light brew and the search for a superb coffee was on.

The thing I love are the samples and coffee types available. It really is a mecca for all things bean brew.

I learnt new ways to deal with grounds, prep, water temperature, stirring even. The guys on the stands are more than happy to give advice and samples. Your coffee journey can only improve!!

I mean, I’ve not gone to any of the talks/demos on offer and the programme is quite packed… it’s not just a giant free form cafe.

Basically, I totally recommend this if you even slightly just like coffee.  A great price for the ticket. Great stands on offer. And you may just end up finding a gift for that awkward person on your Xmas list.

Oh, we also got shown an app for finding independent coffee shops in Scotland. Very handy in Edinburgh… click the map, see who’s closest to your location. give it a whirl if you are ever here. “Scotland Coffee Lovers”. Saves you ever having to *just go to Starbucks* because you can see it.

Anyway, rambling aside, I have had a lot of fun today and drank some amazing coffees.

Looking forward to next year already.