My sister. She’s bloody amazing you know


This is us. Two parts of the three musketeers. (Must get a Piccy of us and motherbeast too..the three indomitable Dorcey birds)

This weekend, my hubby went off on a pre-planned holiday. Just so happened my fibro has been flaring and decided this was a great time to literally lock me down. Couldn’t get milk out of fridge and that kind of thing….

Anyway, within a space of minutes, my sister had decided she was just going to casually jump on a train, travel the length of the country and bloody look after me.

So, there you are,

That awesome woman, who has so much to do, so many people to look after all the time, was able to haul arse up here and help me.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

And…..while she was here, she sorted out a shed load of things for me. Prioritising and making lists and how I can look after myself moving forward.

Frankly, she is a resource and a person I could NOT live without.
(Also give a busy person work if you want it done, right?)

This is the most public way of thanking her I can think of.

Kizzywiggle, you seriously are the best. I mean it.

Thank you. Xxx


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